In December 2008, Polixel S.A. launched and handed over the registration system for registration plates (LPR) for vehicles entering and leaving Jaworzno to the Municipal Office of Jaworzno. Eight control points (PK) were installed on the exit streets. Each PK is equipped with 4 cameras. Two cameras are located above each street strip. Cameras are used to recognize vehicle registration numbers and to archive vehicle photos.
The system is built based on vehicle detectors and recognition servers that send information on recognized vehicle numbers to the central server. The central server stores recognition information and images in the SQL database and makes them available to the management stations.
Management stations allow browsing and analysis of recognized numbers. They allow management of information about wanted vehicles and automatically signal an alarm if a vehicle with a registration number has been registered.
Statistics on mainly traffic are also available via the web interface.
Vehicle license plate recognition system is a proprietary product of Polixel Sp. z o.o.