The Municipal Video Surveillance System in Legionowo consists of 30 IP cameras of high speed and two Monitoring Centers at the Municipal Guards Headquarters and at the Police Training Center. The cameras are located throughout the city, and the cost of the system is over PLN 1 million. The location of cameras was chosen primarily on the basis of observations of uniformed services.

Attention was paid to the city center, railway stops and schools. In addition, the system has been designed in such a way that it can be extended as needed.
It is also worth mentioning that all cameras are rotatable (360 °), have the possibility of making a clear zoom (35x optical zoom) and equipped with loudspeakers and microphones, with which operators can react, for example in the case of violation of traffic regulations.
This solution also plays a huge role during the evacuation of people in the event of a threat. The integration of security systems is the future, also within the framework of crisis management.

The project was implemented by the company POLIXEL Sp. z .o.o.

Films about the completed Project: