NVU Pavilion 4824

It is a high-performing information video wall controller that provides state-of-the-art solution for large, multi-screen, multi-window display of visual information. This embedded platform perfectly fits into a mission critical environment that needs extensive media processing and monitoring of numerous and different sources, connected via different networks. The innovative architecture of Pavilion combines the benefits of high quality, uncompressed video capture with the convenience and flexibility of network-based video distribution and sharing. It also provides the highest I/O port density for reduced power consumption and space. It provides a flexible modular design for an immediate, cost-effective solution.


  • Reliable embedded system in 4U chassis
  • Dual redundant, hot-plug power-supplies
  • Based on Windows 7 embedded, 64bit OS
  • High-performing PCI-Express Gen 3.0 bus
  • Optional Expansion 4U platform with up to 16 slots
  • Multiple and flexible display configurations
  • High density – Up to 24 Full HD output ports per 4U chassis
  • Video and Remote-Display over IP network
  • Hardware-based video encoding and decoding
  • Intuitive setup and control
  • Open XML -API for platform monitoring and control option

Specifications – Outputs

  • 6 Full-HD ports per card
  • Up to 24 displays (4 cards)
  • HDMI/DVI/DP interfaces
  • Up to 4096 x 2304, 30bit/pixel, 60 Hz per port
  • Total of 192M pixels

Inputs options

  • 2 x Full-HD ports per card
  • Analog RGB and Composite PAL/NTSC video
  • 1080p60 or 1920x1200p60
  • Video over IP (GbE)
  • Stored content playback
  • Remote Desktop over IP

Video Processing

  • HD/SD encode/decode (HW)
  • Up to 1080P, 30b/pixel
  • Video (MPEG-2/4, H264, VC1)
  • Up/Down Scaling
  • Post Processing
  • High Resolution 2D/3D Images