Projectors, screens, videoconferences….

Aphrodite Spa Conferences

New Conference Rooms Hotel SPA Aphrodite in Radziejowice

The complex of rooms and conference rooms is equipped with:

• reputable company InFocus Projectors
• The sound system based on JBL equipment companies, BSS Audio, Shure
• Ceiling Lift for Projector
• The screens hidden in the ceiling construction
The project had to meet the assumption of multifunctional halls.

Conference rooms can work individually or as one large ballroom, it was thanks to concealment of multimedia equipment in the ceilings and the use of audio processors and audio and video matrix, which switch any source video and audio to any room and the screen.

User room with wall panel has the ability to easily choose the source of the sound heard in the room or the configuration of the rooms.

The use of wireless microphones and antenna system can move between rooms and still be heard.

 InFocus projectors are ideal in showing clear images regardless of the configuration screens and lighting.