RealPresence Access Director

Polycom RealPresence Access Director makes it easier for users, inside or outside the firewall, to video conference safely with anyone in the organization, whether they are in a secure environment at the office or an unsecure environment at home or on the go in a hotel, bringing highly scalable conferencing to applications such as B2B, B2C, and intra-company collaboration.

IT Users can easily and effectively deploy, configure and manage RealPresence Access Director while reducing the cost to support the growing number of video-enabled workers in the organization without compromising network security.  Remote Users can securely and transparently access video services and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners from virtually anywhere, with the same functionality they would have if they were in the office. Additionally, customers, partners and vendors can join a video conference as a guest user or over a federated network.  By providing a seamless video collaboration experience, Polycom enables organizations to focus on what really matters—connecting people, networks, and companies.

RealPresence Access Director provides:

SIP/H.323 Combined Support: Single server application that combines the guest user and B2B calling scenarios with SIP and H.323 capabilities enabling a seamless video collaboration experience within and beyond the firewall

Secure Collaboration from Anywhere: Collaborate over video while on-the-go, in the office or from home

Reduce the Cost to Scale: Support up to a thousand simultaneous video calls  securely without requiring additional client hardware or software

Investment Protection – Now and for the Future: Leverage existing investments in UC products and IT infrastructure as you migrate towards a SIP based future

Secure Scalability for Mobile Deployments:  Easily, securely and reliably extend the use of video collaboration to your mobile workforce

As a key component of the RealPresence Platform, the RealPresence Access Director is tightly integrated with RealPresence Resource Manager to manage, monitor and control all the devices on your network and with the RealPresence Virtualization Manager (DMA) to manage and distribute calls across the network.  Together, these solutions provide a scalable, secure and robust video collaboration solution for any size organization.

Firewall Traversal & Security: RealPresence Access Director:

  • CloudAXIS Support – Key components of the RealPresence Platform and CloudAXIS extend enterprise-grade video collaboration to any business (B2B) or consumer (B2C) and connect users from Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other presence-based applications into a secure Polycom videoconference via a simple web browser
  • Supports up to a thousand simultaneous calls
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated VPN or client devices
  • Supports guest user and B2B calling scenarios with SIP and H.323 capabilities and remote user calling scenarios with SIP capabilities
  • Support for SVC solutions, both for guest users and internal users
  • Straightforward deployment model for easy and efficient deployment by IT departments
  • Reduces the cost to support the growing number of video enabled workers in an organization